TRANSIENCE - submerged flowers project
Part of a new project for 2024 where I am exploring the circle of life, death and imperfect beauty through plants,  as well as encorporating folkore, history and the symbolism of flowers by attempting to capture the fleeting, transcient moments in time/life using the 4 elements - water, (liquids - water, milk, ink, paint, oil etc), air /fire ( smoke, mist, spores, wind etc) and earth. 
A personal, reflective and cathartic project which will develop over time. Starting out just experimenting with the various techniques and ideas I have for this project, but aiming to put together a portfolio/body of work. 
Several of the techniques involved lend themselves to an abstract or artistic look which very much appeals to me as I love art as well as  abstract photography and abstract art. I have a fondness for images with an ethereal or fantasy feel too. Some of my images will be pushing my boundries between art and photography as I learn and grow. This whole process lends itself to art, abstract and expressionism, which appeals to me.
I will be exploring ways to express emotions, life events,  the meanings/symbolism and folklore of plants. and concepts through this project, utilising various methods such as colour theory,  light, movement, still life set ups or creations, pagan celebration creations etc. In a few instances I may also incorporate other methods of expression, like poetry, music or texture etc 
Over all I see folklore and paganism being my main influences in what I intend to create, with a strong pull towards creating magical stories within the images, that will illustrate the folklore of eah plant or each of the celebrations of the pagan wheel of life.
I recently gave a presentation on my floral photography journey over the last 17-18 years, which included an hour where I discuss the back stories behind many of my submerged floral images and why I created them the way that I did. It is recorded and available on demand through the Camversation website -
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